Welcome to Villa V apartments –a luxury villa situated on the southern part of Vir in quiet surroundings of Mediterranean scenery, fresh Mediterranean air and right next to the sea.

About us

Villa V provides everything needed for a relaxed, luxury and quality vacation. If you wish to enjoy long sunny and warm days, spend unforgettable time with aroma of Mediterranean trees spreading through the air then Villa V is an ideal place for you. Relax and enjoy all the perks of an outer pool while gentle summer breeze cools you down. There is an outer grill for guests so do not hesitate to prepare some of the Mediterranean delicious dishes. Enjoy magical sunsets and luxury night atmosphere of Villa V.

Villa V offers accommodation in three comfortable, spacious and luxury apartments that are equipped with everything needed for a perfect stress-free vacation away from the hectic city life.

Spend your holiday at Villa V and enjoy Mediterranean feel of Vir island and luxury accommodation!


Vir island and the village of the same name are located at the very north part of Dalmatia, connected with the mainland through a bridge over Privlaka ford. It is located 24 km from Zadar, 15 km from the nearest town, Nin, and it is easily reached by road. There are a few villages on the island, and on its 30 km long coast numerous beaches lie, with sand, pebbles and rocks and surrounding pine forests. All of that, in addition with unspoilt nature and mild Mediterranean climate, makes Vir an ideal destination for a relaxed and pleasant vacation. Although it is hard to choose the most beautiful beach on Vir, many would agree that Duboka draga takes a special place with its breathtaking red rocks. One must definitely mention the beach in Sapavac cove with therapeutic mud. Another lovely beach is located on Školjić, an islet covered with forest, situated in the near vicinity of the road bridge...

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