Vir island and the village of the same name are located at the very north part of Dalmatia, connected with the mainland through a bridge over Privlaka ford. It is located 24 km from Zadar, 15 km from the nearest town, Nin, and it is easily reached by road. There are a few villages on the island, and on its 30 km long coast numerous beaches lie, with sand, pebbles and rocks and surrounding pine forests. All of that, in addition with unspoilt nature and mild Mediterranean climate, makes Vir an ideal destination for a relaxed and pleasant vacation. Although it is hard to choose the most beautiful beach on Vir, many would agree that Duboka draga takes a special place with its breathtaking red rocks. One must definitely mention the beach in Sapavac cove with therapeutic mud. Another lovely beach is located on Školjić, an islet covered with forest, situated in the near vicinity of the road bridge. WhaT also makes Vir special, besides the sea and beaches is – the sun! Almost 300 sunny days a year make it a very pleasant destination for visiting all year long. During summer, mild wind blows from the north-west and brings much wanted refreshment, and it also excellent for all sailing and windsurfing lovers, as well as for all other water sports enthusiasts. Cyclists can also enjoy on Vir as it has many great bike paths suitable for both classic and mountain bike rides. Vir’s highest point is 122 m tall Bandira where one can enjoy beautiful prospect of Vir, nearby islands, mainland and Velebit. When talking about attractions, Kaštelina must be mentioned, a 16th century fortress built by Venetians, and a lighthouse on the west coast of the island where one can enjoy the spectacular sunsets. Nevertheless, having fun under the sun, swimming or practicing sports, many events taking place on Vir give all visitors an opportunity to learn about local customs and experience the hospitality of local people. On a nearby island of Pag, which can be easily reached from Vir by road, popular Zrće beach is located, a renowned party destination where each summer world-famous DJs create musical spectacles. The vicinity of Nin, Zadar, several National Parks and Parks of Nature guarantee that vacation spent on Vir will be active and interesting, and many natural and other attractions in Croatia easily reachable which has made Vir a great tourist destination for family vacation with rich accommodation offer.